About Us

Venues of PHX was created by the events team at White Tie Productions, a Phoenix based audio-visual production and event management company. As more and more clients look to make their events stand out, the team at White Tie saw a need to highlight all the unique spaces the greater Phoenix area has to offer.

We hand select each venue based on 3 factors - location, capability and uniqueness.

  • Our venues are all within the greater Phoenix area and easily accessible from the major highways as well as in a close proximity to the airport and local entertainment districts. We try to select venues that are flexible and make it easy for you to execute a seamless event.
  • Many of our venues have on-site or preferred providers for services such as catering, audio-visual production and decor which saves you time and lets you focus on the important stuff - like your running event!
  • Finally, each one of our venues has a wow factor; something that makes it stand out from the rest. Each event has its individual personality and goals that make it special; we strive to provide venues that compliment those factors.

Need help selecting the perfect venue for your next event? We’re here to help!

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